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For my friends from all over the world:

If you’re wondering how, go to!

I am delighted – and relieved 😀 – to be finally able to share with you the website that I’ve been developing for the past month. It is the platform for ‘How to Tartu’, a collection of visual stories about what the City of Tartu is, was, and wants to be — as seen and felt, drawn and written in English by me as @sketchingpaas (with a little from my friends).

The stories explore people and places, events, and everyday matters, from Raekoja plats to a suburban home, from a business festival to student celebrations. 💡 Each artwork page presents also some local tips for exploring that area of Tartu. 🇪🇪

The first story ‘Back to Tartu’ was published on 8 August 2022. As of August 2023, there are five published stories as the journey goes on – now at! 🖌 🖼